Gouge Sharpening Setup Jig

— by Gale Greenwood

Gale designed this handy jig from setup calculations by our sharpening expert Bill Zerby.

Oneway Wolverine Gouge Sharpening Jig

This jig will help you set up your Oneway Wolverine jig quickly and repeatably for sharpening spindle and bowl gouges.

Use the appropriate side to set the distance of the V-Arm from the wheel. Insert gouge through the Wolverine holder to the indicated "Stick-Out".

— Download a cutting template of the Grinding Setup Jig

Spindle sharpening setup for Wolverine SystemBowl gouge sharpening setup for the Wolverine System



Jig Designer, Gale Greenwood
with assistant, Zoe.

Gale Greenwood - designer of the "Stick-Out Jig"