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More Woodturning Magazine"Fred Holder's love of woodturning plus a career in writing led Fred to create More Woodturning. He has been writing More Woodturning since the Fall of 1996. In the magazine, Fred has captured the growth of the woodturning field, the changes in our tools and the impact all around the world."


Wood MagazineAll aspects of woodworking, including forums, gallery, projects, advice.


Woodworker's JournalOnline woodworking magazine.


Tips & Techniques   (Some also have stuff for sale)

woodworking jobs around the house"Whether woodworking is one’s profession or a relaxing hobby, it is a talent that may be used to create or repair things that are useful or of great beauty."

Inspiration and links to resources covering various aspects of woodworking — learning, choosing equipment, safety, and project plans.


hobbithouse woodpics woodlogoCalls itself "A non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic and domestic woods"

Actually, about 500 different species of wood are illustrated, plus a mind boggling collection of wood related information.


This site includes an eclectic assortment of topics, including this very useful turning feature. If you're obsessed with compound angles for multi-sided boxes and pyramids, involving blade tilts and miter angles, these calculating forms should really help.


Boiling Green WoodSteven Russell documents his experiments to reduce splitting and other problems when turning and drying green wood.
"My goal was to reduce drying defects to the absolute minimum and to discover faster and more efficient ways to accelerate the drying process. This first article on boiling green wood will profile the results of my continuing drying tests with bowls, platters and hollow forms."


This is the site's homepage where you'll find lots of turning information, both free and for sale.


International Association of Penturners - IAPEverything by and for pen turners. Discussion forum, photos, links, library, local chapters.



Around The Woods"Woodturning lathes never make mistakes, only kindling!"

Woodturners are inveterate tool junkies and the assortment of woodturning tools available from woodworking catalogues both paper and online is bewildering. However, the basics have not changed for centuries…


Antique Lathe - Sofas and Sectionals"Woodturning, an aberrant form of woodworking, uses a stationary tool known as a lathe to cut and shape wooden objects into aesthetic designs. "

Brief history of woodturning back to the ancients. Descriptions of woodturning tools and techniques. Many links to other woodturning websites.

This interesting resource is oddly tucked inside a merchant website for upholstered furniture without a turned piece to be seen. But if you back out to "Design Tips" menu item, you'll also find more pages of interest to woodworkers and furniture makers.


Shop for Tools & Supplies


A "unique" site, offering carbide woodturning tools, "Penetrator" hollowing tool, books, CDs, silversmith stamps, hand-forged custom knives, and more.


Kallenshaan Inlay Pen Kits - New Mexico Woodturners

Large assortment of unusual Laser Cut Inlay Pen Kits on a variety of themes and other woodturning supplies.




Local version of the online buy and sell market. You can list items for sale, even include photos, at no cost.

Click on: "for sale --> tools" for listings of all sorts of equipment for sale. You can "search" for specific categories to narrow it down.

(TIP: Most craigslist users are honest and reputable. But first time users should look over the tips for avoiding scams and fraud. And if you list an item to sell, you might get a couple of obviously odd queries, which you should just ignore.)


Lots and lots of tools, exotic woods, laminates, finishing supplies and more. Nice store and personable owner.
If you're heading for Colorado Springs, get the driving directions from the website.


Extensive catalog of tools, accessories and supplies for the woodturner.


"Investing in a set of power tools is a serious decision and Get-Powertools.com is here to help you select the best power tool brand & type to meet your home improvement or professional construction needs."


Clean Turn Vacuum Gouge"Use just like a regular gouge, but without the mess. Attach it to your vac hose and a shop vacuum or dust collector. The chips go naturally into the tube, and so does the dust."


Penn State IndustriesLarge online catalog with retail store in Philadelphia.



Featuring TUFF TOOTH® bandsaw blades, bandsaw parts & accessories, Olson scroll saw blades and more